About Us

Here at Quote My Gift we have a mission - to offer great customer service and allow anyone to sell their own custom and printed products online with ease. We understand that many drop shippers offer complex models, with minimum order quantities and to fill out many forms to even be approved as a drop shipper. At QuoteMyGift however, we allow even guests to use our drop shipping service.

We want our customers to feel no pressure, to create and sell their own printed products with no set backs or limits. We offer no minimum order, so if you want to print and sell just one t-shirt to one of your customers, or simply purchase a shirt for yourself - this is no problem! Our simple no nonsense model allows all our customers to start off on a solid starting block.

With our state of the art online designers, we allow our customers to effortlessly design their own products from t-shirts and sweatshirts, to mug prints and phone case prints. The design studio's are simple to use and allow you to see exactly how your finished products will look. No more having to wait for companies to come back and fourth with different designs and mock ups. With Quote My Gift, you simply design the product, save and purchase - it's that simple!

We have a great passion for all printed gifts. From pillow cases to mobile phone cases, printed custom socks to t-shirts, we just love making new and unique products for our customers to enjoy.

With over 15 years in the graphic design industry, we wanted to apply our skills, passion and knowledge and share it with people all around the World. We work around the clock constantly bringing new designs and varied styles, ensuring you have the widest range of products right at your finger tips, ready to purcahse and sell online.

Where great passion is put into our products, you can expect the highest quality, without having to break the bank. We believe our products are extremely competitively priced, but also very well made and crafted, with care and precision put into every order.

We use state of the art machinery, DTG printing and sublimation methods, to ensure all our printed products are built with quality, and built to last.

We hope you all enjoy browsing our store and using our print on demand service. We are always happy to create bespoke projects and designs, so feel free to contact us if you wanted something designed for you.