Custom T-Shirts - The Possibilities Are Endless

Posted by Matt Marshall on

When it comes to printing t-shirts, the possibilities are really endless! T-Shirt printing has evolved over the years, from basic screen printing, to now professional DTG printing, allowing printing direct onto the garment.

T-shirts come in a variety of colours, and the same goes for the designs as well. The design choices are huge, as pretty much anything can be printed onto a t-shirt nowadays, thanks to the advanced and growing technologies of printing production.

Here at, we allow almost anything to be applied and printed to any t-shirt. Whether this be a simple clip art graphic of an animal, to advanced full colour graphic prints and personalised photos to the t shirts, we have it covered.

We allow customers to upload their own designs to their t-shirts, allowing them to design and create the perfect t-shirt they require, exactly how they would like. With our in house designers, we allow you to move images, text and cliparts and arrange them in which ever fashion you want. We also allow you to change colours, font styles and many different aspects of the final product.

The power of direct to garment printing (DTG), is that anything can be printed directly onto the t-shirt, so the sky is really the limit. Check out our design your own t-shirt pages, to pick a colour t-shirt and start designing yours today.

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